Kirkpatrick & Porch Creative

Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick

Project Manager/Writer

Marlo Kirkpatrick is a storyteller whose work evokes emotions from humor to sorrow, excitement to frustration, and uses those emotions to move audiences to action.

Marlo has headed her own creative services business since 1995, and brings extensive experience in brand development and advertising that generate bottom line results. She has managed individual project budgets and annual marketing budgets ranging from less than $20,000 to more than $400,000, consistently demonstrating strong stewardship of client funds. Marlo has won more than 200 local, regional, and national awards for creative excellence, including recognition as the Jackson Advertising Federation’s Writer of the Year five times.

When she’s not in the office, Marlo enjoys adventure travel to destinations ranging from the Amazon rain forest to the coral reefs of the Caribbean and the deserts of the Middle East. She and her husband, wildlife photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick, fell in love on an expedition to the jungles of the Amazon, and returned to Peru in 1998 for their wedding ceremony at Machu Picchu. On a recent trip back to the rain forest, Marlo complained of snakes under her bed and cockroaches on her toothbrush. Stephen told her she was “just too high maintenance.”