Kirkpatrick & Porch Creative

Alecia Porch

Art Director/Designer

Alecia Porch is an experienced designer with a 22-year track record in creating marketing materials for a high-end audience. Alecia combines outstanding design skills and creativity with a thorough understanding of brand development, resulting in work that’s not only eye-catching, but that also generates measurable results.

In addition to her brand development and design work, Alecia chooses and directs the activities of photographers, illustrators, and production specialists. Her careful attention to detail results in a superior, powerful, and effective end product. Alecia’s long list of awards for creative excellence includes recognition as the Jackson Advertising Federation’s Art Director of the Year or Designer of the Year eight times.

Alecia’s competitive nature came in handy when she ruled the courts as a college basketball and tennis player. Today, she still has a mean backhand, but also makes time for more laid back activities, including yoga, bird-watching, and hanging out with her husband Bill, daughter Mia, and the family dogs. As a child growing up along the Gulf of Mexico and the bayous of Louisiana, Alecia treasured her extensive turtle collection, and she remains an avid nature lover. Other passions include browsing art galleries and travel. Alecia’s favorite U.S. destinations include Taos, New Mexico (snow skiing), New Orleans, Louisiana (culinary indulgence), Seaside, Florida (hammock swinging), and the Na Pali Coast, Hawaii (hiking to breathtaking views).