Kirkpatrick & Porch Creative

Kirkpatrick & Porch is a creative services firm headed by Marlo Kirkpatrick and Alecia Porch (that’s us), two experienced professionals who’ve put a new twist on the old model of an advertising agency.

We knew from day one that we wanted to handle the fun part of the business — engaging with our clients, coming up with great ideas, and turning those ideas into realities — ourselves. When you hire Kirkpatrick & Porch, you actually get Marlo Kirkpatrick and Alecia Porch — not a junior level creative team handed your project once the business has been won.

As your project leaders, Marlo and Alecia then select and supervise a team of photographers, film directors and editors, web and social media experts, media buyers, and printing professionals, all handpicked for each client based on the specific demands of each project. And just like Marlo Kirkpatrick and Alecia Porch, every member of the team working on your business is a seasoned professional.

Of course, our stubborn refusal to put your work in anyone else’s hands does mean that Kirkpatrick & Porch intentionally limits our client list. That’s why we focus on clients with whom we can build long-term relationships, and clients whose businesses and goals are a good fit with our own.

Please browse our portfolio for a look at some of our recent work. If you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you.